Why you should Storyboard your short movie

Why you should Storyboard your short movie

Making a storyboard on your short movie may sound like an extra step in the movie making process, but it surely’s a step that you just undoubtedly do not wish to ignore.

A storyboard makes it simpler so that you can share and clarify the imaginative and prescient of your movie to others

When drawing and visualizing your movie you’ll come to places within the script where your story doesn’t work. There are gaps or bizarre jumps in your story which you had not observed earlier.
However hey, better to understand that now than when standing on set with actors and crew breathing in your neck or worse when sitting in the editing room when it’s far too late.

Being ready, you’ll come throughout as professional. When your DOP asks you how you can set-up and frame a shot, you’ll be able to present him, as you already know precisely the way you need it.
It can prevent unwanted time on the shoot explaining.  It’ll maintain setup instances down, it’ll keep your actors comfortable and it’ll make your shoot a total professional work. Not just for you, for each one. And let’s face it, the shoot might be torture for you as a director, so the more you’re ready the better and fast the work will be finished.

Tips to Start Storyboarding

1.  Storyboard template paper

You can print the storyboard templates from this website here as PDFs and print them as much as you require.

You can choose the paper size,  Border sizes, the number of columns and rows, frame size like 16:9, 4:3, etc. and also the colour of the lines and boxes.

My personal preference to choose for columns and rows is 2 columns and 3 rows.  It gives enough space for drawing the storyboard and also gives space lines for writing the description under each box.

2. No need for artist to create Storyboard

You do not need to be a professional artist to create the storyboard.  Even the sketches can stick people/animals.  It just needs to convey what is in your mind.

3.  Start in the middle

To overcome the thought “Where to start…”  start from the middle or after it.  It will give you enough thoughts and creativity to go back to start and finish it.

If you need any help in storyboard your short movie, get in touch with us today.

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